Science Cultivation, VOL 7(1), January 2017 

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A.A. Moosavi-Movahedi


Science & Research

Unemployment and the Emigration of Skilled Graduates

Ahmad Shaabani


Requirement of Career for Technology Young Knowledge Workers

Amirhossein Tayebi Abolhasani


The Prevalence of Wrong and Nonreplicable Data Publication

Zahra Zolmajd Haghighi, Atyeh Ghasemi, Atefeh Poursoleiman, Arsalan Aghaei, Ali Akbar Saboury


Make a Better PhD Graduate

Fariba Dashtestani


Science & Technology

Climate Change and Disease: Role of Global Warming in Worldwide
Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

Vahid Sheikh-Hasani


Scientific Information Systems

Perspective on Golden Ratio (φ)

Faezeh Moosavi-Movahedi


New Technologies Based on Biomimetic and Bioinspiration

Zainab Moosavi-Movahedi


Application of Biomimicry in Textiles

Naimeh Anzabi