Science Cultivation, VOL 8(1), January 2018

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A.A. Moosavi-Movahedi


Science & Research

Evaluating of Iran Scientific Documents in 2017

A. A. Saboury


Text Writing and Seminar Presentation Skills for Scientists

Arashmid Nahal


Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physics and PhysiologyMedicine in 2017

Farid Nasiri,
Ali A Moosavi-Movahedi


Epigenetic Modifications and Lifestyle

Ali Mohammad Banaei-Moghaddam


Earthworm, Vermiremediation and other Technologies

Mahdi Zarabi,
Seyyede Nazila Jafari-Farjam,
Ashrafalsadat Hatamian-Zarmi


The Importance of the Effect of Aroma or Smell in Human Health

Zahra Seraj, Arefeh Seyedarabi


Importance of Health Tourism with Emphasis on Medical Tourism

Mahdi Ebrahimi,
Amirhossein Tayebi Abolhasani


Cultural and Natural Values of Sabalan Mountains to Inscription in UNESCO World Heritage List

Behrouz Afkhami