Science Cultivation, VOL 1(2), June 2011

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Science and Research

Climate and Its Changes in 20th and 21st Centuries

Y. Sobouti


Iran Science Production in 2010

A. A. Saboury


Biological Sciences; Pioneering Research in Iran and the World

P. Daneshgar, F. Taghavi,
A. A. Saboury,
Ali A. Moosavi-Movahedi


Observing Ethics in Universities and Higher Education Centers: An alternative for improving behaviors

H. Arasteh, H. Jahed


Science Promoters in Iran and The World

P. Hosseinzadeh


Scientific Dialogue

Scientific Dialogue; The Future Outlook for Science and Technology

Ali A. Moosavi-Movahedi,
et al.


Scientific News

Liver Cautions

S. Ghobadi


A Glance at Iridology

Z. Momtazian


Open Access to Scientific Researches ( The
Statement of Scientific and Private Publishers)

M. Hossainzadeh