Science Cultivation, VOL 3(1), January 2013

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Ali A. Moosavi-Movahedi


Science & Technology

The Need to Transfer Science to Technology and National Wealth

M. R. Aref,
A. Kiani-Bakhtiari


Science & Research

Physics Scientists in Iran from the Antiquity to the End of Ghajar Era

M. Akhavan, A. Bassireh,
S. Sheibani, E. Mo'tamedi


Perspective on Open Access Journals

M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari,
Ali A. Moosavi-Movahedi


Evaluation of the Quality of knowledge: Invalid Journals

A. A. Saboury


Realization of Third Generation Private Universities through Development of Centers for University Expansion

M. Habibi -Rezaei,
Y. Siahmansouri


Resilience of Halal Meat Products Against Infectious Bacteria

S. Hooshangi, A. Salimi


Climate Change

Inventory of Iran Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2010

A. Moradi, M. Aminian


Science &Research

The So-Called Higgs Particle

Y. Farzan


Science & Education

Scientific Student Olympiad

A. Banaei-Esfahani


Science Popularization

Report on the Week of Science Popularization in Islamic Republic of Iran Coinciding with World Science Day for Peace and Development

A. Ghadimi